We are often asked questions by our customers concerning online banking and the account opening procedure issues. We will provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions on this webpage.

Policy for Combating Financial Crime

EURO EXIM BANK LTD (Representative Office) is committed to the prevention of financial crime and has adopted procedures to detect and deter money laundering, terrorist financing or other illegal activities. It is our policy to deter and, where we can, prevent, the use of the EURO EXIM BANK LTD (Representative Office) as a conduit for illegal money laundering activities.

We have a comprehensive AML policy (“Anti-Money Laundering” policy) in place to guide our staff to prevent, detect and report any financial crime perpetrated through money laundering or financing illegal activities.

The success of this policy depends on the vigilance of everyone.
Our staff implements this policy with a clear understanding of the background to it and how it works in the context of our day-to-day business. They are highly trained to apply the following criteria;
a) The legal and regulatory framework and the serious legal and regulatory penalties for assisting in financial crime - even unwittingly- in every jurisdiction from which we operate.
b) Be aware of real-world methods by which criminals seek to commit financial crimes.
c) The requirement to report any suspicions promptly to the EURO EXIM BANK LTD (Representative Office) management.

Know Your Customer ("KYC")
At EURO EXIM BANK LTD (Representative Office), we offer our services to corporate entities that are verified as legitimate establishments by carrying out a thorough verification process. We practice high standards in obtaining documentary proof of the commercial position of the business to mitigate risks and assuredly check applicants against international sanction lists before issuing any financial instrument. EURO EXIM BANK LTD (Representative Office) unmistakably take every step to ensure transparency and protection against unfair business dealings.

Training for Staff
EURO EXIM BANK LTD (Representative Office) ensures that our staff:
(i) know what money laundering is and how to avoid being victimised,
(ii) understand the need for vigilance in the application processes,
(iii) know how to identify and report suspicious transactions.

We conduct periodic refresher training for our staff. The MLRO or a member from the senior management are available to answer any questions concerning this topic.