Although the bilateral relations between India and Pakistan have not always been smooth, the two countries do engage in trade activities with each other

  • Since the two nations are neighbours, it makes sense for them to procure certain items from each other
  • India exports several goods to Pakistan, including sugar and several industrial products
  • On the other hand, India also imports several products from its neighbour. Some of these products include fresh fruits and cement
  • This blog discusses the key products that India imports from Pakistan

India’s Top ImportPakistans from

As of 2019, India’s topmost imported product from Pakistan was fresh fruits

  • The demand for fresh fruits in India has grown at a steady rate in recent years, thereby resulting in a situation where the country has to look at imports
  • According to estimates, during fiscal 2018-19, India imported fruits worth $112.8 million from Pakistan
  • These imports took place via two routes, the land route as well as the sea route

The second most imported product from Pakistan is cement

  • The Indian real estate industry has been witnessing record demand for cement in recent years
  • It is seen as a major contributor to the development of infrastructure in the country
  • It is estimated that India imported cement worth $78.3 million from Pakistan during the period 2018-19
  • As India continues its push towards improving its national infrastructure, the demand for cement is likely to remain high. India is investing significant amounts on building roads and highways as part of its national policy

Next on the list is chemicals. India relies on chemical imports from Pakistan in order to meet the demand

⦁ During the period 2018-19, India imported chemicals worth $60.4 million from Pakistan

⦁ Inorganic chemicals formed a major part of these imports during 2018-19

⦁ However, it is also important to note that India also imports chemicals from other Asian countries

The fourth most imported item from Pakistan is fertilisers. India’s economy continues to be highly dependent on the agriculture sector, and fertilisers play a vital role in this regard

⦁ According to estimates, during fiscal 2018-19, India imported fertilisers worth $34.9 million from Pakistan

⦁ The demand for fertilisers is likely to sustain in the near future, as India looks to improve its crop output

The fifth most imported item on the list is leather and allied products

⦁ The Indian leather industry has carved out a niche for itself in the global markets

⦁ However, the industry’s ability to cater to global demand depends on raw leather, which is currently imported from Pakistan

⦁ It is worth noting that India also imports leather from other countries around the world, including African nations

Thus, India and Pakistan continue to indulge in trading activities with each other

⦁ Despite the shaky political relations between the two nations, they rely on each other for several items

⦁ The import figures have been impacted by hurdles, such as duty hikes, import bans, and political decisions. Despite this, trade continues to take place between the rivals

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