Every crisis is an oasis of opportunity. The global pandemic is no different. Here are some of the global industries expected to thrive in the post COVID-19 environment.


People are not going out as much, but people still need to shop. Online marketplaces and businesses are set for some good times ahead. This is a great opportunity for sellers in emerging and frontier markets too. Ultimately, improved consumer choice creates opportunities for all. 


With more people buying stuff online, someone needs to bring it to them. This will lead to plenty of growth in the logistics sector at all levels. Providers who focus on customer convenience, experience and careful delivery will win.   

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is crucial to working from home. Large and small businesses can leverage the power of the cloud and create an economical and safe environment for collaboration and work. The on-demand nature of cloud computing solutions also provides businesses with the agility they need to remain responsive and competitive. 

Automation & Robotics

As more people work from home and fewer people are willing to risk working in crowded environments, automation will become essential across supply chains. This will contribute to better standards of living and create new jobs that we have not envisioned yet. 


As everyone migrates into cyberspace, so are the criminals. This will see people and businesses investing heavily into cybersecurity to protect their assets, processes and customers.


We are likely to see massively increased investment in healthcare to better prepare for and avoid future health crises. This will also likely see an increased demand for healthcare and associated professionals. 


The fitness industry will boom, but not as you might think. Yes, everyone now wants to stay healthy to protect their health, but the real revolution will be in terms of online fitness apps and trainers. 


While it is unlikely that we will ever embrace a fully digital educational model, the traditional model is gone for good. In the future we will see plenty of opportunities for e-learning and associated technologies. Plus, a boom in electronically assisted learning in the physical classroom