Fiji is an island nation located in the Pacific region

  • It is considered to be among the most developed economies within the area
  • The country has access to a wide range of natural resources such as minerals, forests, as well as fish
  • In addition to this, the Fijian economy also benefits from large-scale tourism, bottled water, as well as sugarcane production
  • However, the country’s top export continues to be beverages

The major destination for Fijian beverages, spirits, and vinegar is Asia

  • Some of the leading importers of Fijian products include China and Japan

This blog discusses Fiji’s export of beverages as well as the key reasons behind its growth 

Fiji’s Beverages are in High Demand

During the year 2019, Fiji exported beverages, spirits, and vinegar worth $189.9 million

  • These industries alone accounted for nearly 30.5% of the total exports from the country
  • This figure is significantly higher than the next best export, which is meat and seafood

As of 2019, meat and seafood accounted for just 11.4% of the total exports from Fiji

  • The beverage industry of Fiji makes an important contribution to the economy since it generates employment, brings in national revenue, as well as making other social contributions

One of the fundamental reasons why Fijian beverages continue to be in high demand is that the industry is highly innovative

  • Fiji was among the first countries in Asia to focus on the production of pure and natural bottled water
  • The country has also managed to leverage technology in order to improve the standard of its beverage offerings
  • In recent years, Fijian beverage firms have also launched a wide range of flavours and experimented with different ingredients
  • This development has ensured that the demand for these products continues to surge
  • In addition to the above, Fijian beverage manufacturers also don’t shy away from innovating in terms of their packaging

Fiji’s beverages are appreciated in different parts of the world, right from Asia to North America

  • In recent years, Fijian exporters have been trying to increase their exports to North American countries
  • This strategy has been undertaken by means of advertising campaigns as well as new product launches
  • Another important fact is that Fijian beverage exports include a wide range of products

These include bottled water, spirits, beer, vinegar, as well as a host of related products

Overall, it is evident that Fiji’s beverage industry has carved a niche for itself in the global trade market

  • The country will be hoping that it continues to develop its exports of beverages in order to boost its trade figures

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